Our Vision

Disciple-making movements across Europe.


We dream of a day when the Holy Spirit’s redemptive work permeates every facet of European life, overturning injustice, breaking the power of sin, radically transforming the culture and resulting in countless followers of Jesus.

Our shared calling is to move into the cracks of life with leaders and families to share the redemption story of how Jesus breathes hope into our brokenness, reconciles us to him, restores our lives, and releases us back into the world with unique gifts and capabilities to make the world a better place.

If we truly want to see whole families, cities, and nations transformed by the grace and truth of Jesus, the reality is, we are not enough. Lasting change takes root and multiplies through a well-known phenomenon called “movement.” 

Movements have ended wars, won women the right to vote, preserved our natural resources, gained independence for entire nations and are responsible for many of the positive advances in our society today.

Gospel movements, to which we are committed, happen when the good news of Jesus spreads contagiously through a network of social relationships. As the Gospel spreads, many people become committed followers of Jesus and groups of these disciples multiply to form gatherings, develop leaders, and have the potential to impact whole nations for good. This excites us!

God, the great story writer, began weaving our lives together in a way that kept bringing our hearts and minds back to Europe. After a year of marriage, a year of ministry training, and a visit to the UK., the doors opened, our passions were clarified and we said "yes" to ministering full time in Oxford, England!

We moved to Oxford, England, in March of 2018 to partner more fully with what God is doing across the UK and Europe.

With love,
Rachel & Thomas Kirven

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Riding our bikes to our first home together, a little studio in downtown Fullerton circa 2014.

Riding our bikes to our first home together, a little studio in downtown Fullerton circa 2014.