The Kirvens
The Kirvens
The Kirvens partner with Novo and move to the United Kingdom!

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We moved to Oxford, England, in March of 2018 to continue partnering with what God is doing across the UK and Europe.

If we truly want to see whole families, cities, and nations transformed by the grace and truth of Jesus, the reality is, we are not enough. Part of our calling is to develop a prayerful and financial support team to work with us to catalyze Gospel movements throughout Europe.

We'd love to connect with you more about our vision for Europe and how we can partner together.

With Love,
Rachel & Thomas

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life." — Atheist Bus Campaign

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life."
— Atheist Bus Campaign

The Challenge and Opportunity in Europe

  • Last 100 years have been marked with a steady decline in church attendance.

  • Paralleled by an increase in other major religions.

  • Europe has fallen under the radar of Western missionary efforts due to a focus on the "10/40" window.

  • Best hope the Church has in post-Christian Europe is to develop new ways to engage the increasing number of unreached people.

  • Church in Europe is facing an increasing complex situation in the face of the current refugee crisis.

  • European churches are starting to realize their need for new methods of outreach and the need for cross-cultural skills.



We dream of a day when the Spirit’s redemptive work permeates every facet of European life, overturning injustice, breaking the power of sin, radically transforming the culture and resulting in countless followers of Jesus.

Introducing OxfordHUB

  • Europe is at a strategic moment for these movements to be launched, and we believe that training believers to effectively share and multiply their faith is a key component.

  • The OxfordHUB is a strategic ministry venture and a center of evangelists activity:

    • Modeling and catalyzing local and cross-cultural outreach.

    • Training and launching new leaders into gospel movements across Europe.

    • Partnering with churches and other ministries for outreach and training.

    • Facilitating an internship program to disciple younger leaders in gospel movements to go back into the local church, businesses, or join our team full-time.

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The Kirvens and OxfordHUB

Our plan is to move into the cracks of life with leaders and families to share the redemption story of how Jesus breathes hope into our brokenness, reconciles us to him, restores our lives, and releases us back into our communities with unique gifts and capabilities to make the world a better place.

Our day-to-day work will include:

  • Initiating spiritual conversations among new families, birth workers, Oxford students, business people, religious groups, and other social networks.

  • Providing training opportunities within the church on disciple-making movement principles and tools.

  • Discipling spiritually open people using the discovery bible study process.

  • Supporting the OxfordHUB internship program through training experiences and mentoring interns.