London/Glasgow Trip Report #1

WE ARE IN THE UK! I honestly can’t quite believe we made it. We literally packed up our whole life in Pacifica, moved to Fullerton, stuffed our bike bags, got on our flight and landed on the other side of the world -- all within about 48 hours. It’s been whirl.

All that to say, I could write a book about our experiences so far, or I could give you the bullet points. I’ve already started the long version, but if you’d like an update and not have to read for the next 5 hours, here’s the shorter version:

For starters, we took our bikes apart and put them in boxes. It took us longer than we thought, but we did it! We then packed our check on bags to the very last pound and headed to the airport!

The flight was long. There were many crying babies and not much sleep. We arrived in Heathrow and began the process of putting our bikes back together. That is until a few policemen stop by and tell us the cycle way is closed and we are forbidden to exit through the tunnel. Put bikes BACK in box and catch a bus to a hotel.

We put our bikes back together. Takes forever. A lot of people tell us that this doesn't look like a vacation, but we still feel differently however exhausted, hungry, or cold we are.

The GPS poops out so we resort to paying for data and being guided by the iphone talking to us through Tommy’s pocket. Shoulda bought that phone mount. The bicycle trail is like off roading. Gravel. Mud. Bumps. GORGEOUS. Hard with 60lbs on the back of your bike and empty tummies. Tired.

Daylight starts fading as we hop off the trail and onto the busy streets of London. Our adrenaline was pumping as we race the sun and traffic. We finally make it to Euston Station for a sleeper train to Glasgow! YES!

Find out we missed our bike drop off time by 5 minutes. Anxious.

Walk our bikes around the train station to find help. Finally find someone and they tell us it will be no problem to roll our bikes onto the train with us. Phew.

Eat the best burger and drink the best beer. Make a few friends at the pub. Love how cycling brings people together!

Hop on the train and try to sleep. I’m so exhausted, I succeed. But wake up in time to watch the sunrise - so worth it.

From there we climb back on our bikes and ride through the beautiful city of Glasgow to a coffee shop. There are separate bike streets here and so many more cyclists than in London.

And now we have met our lovely hosts and will be doing more things as a team for the next 2 weeks. Currently sitting in bed, drinking English tea and eating a croissant. Excited to get some rest and dive in tomorrow!